As we further progress into the 21st century, the old structures of power seem to falter. Regimes across the world have lost legitimacy and social-political uprisings are brewing in Western nations. The triumph of neoliberalism by the early 1990s led to the manifestation of new forms of resistance across the world but only recently have these struggles arose in the heart of the empire. Rather than being the only alternative, as described by Margaret Thatcher after the dissolution of the USSR, capitalism has been increasingly scrutinized as the last imperial ideology of the old political order. No longer is struggle limited to those on the periphery of empire as those most internally colonized regain social consciousness about their most desperate situations. The struggle for human liberation has been reawakened by the new Millennial generation.

This blog will be used to document the day-to-day struggles of people in the street. While the focus will be on the current Black Lives Matter movement, I will explore other pockets of resistance that will no doubt blossom in the coming years. Due to their marginalization by the media, I will follow the actions of organizations that identify with the radical left and their struggles against various forms of oppression they experience under the American empire.


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